We believe:

The current administration in charge of St. Marys is guilty of acting without the best interest of the majority of its citizens.


There should be a referendum calling for:

Changing the St. Marys voting method from plurality to majority,

A new election for the position of Mayor as well City Council Posts 2, 3, 4, and 5,

The immediate resignation of City Manager Bill Shanahan,

The immediate sale of the recently purchased Gilman property,

and abandonment of all plans to move the St. Marys Airport.


What you can do:

Attend every St. Marys City Council Meeting and request to make comments.

When you address the council, repeat the “We Believe” mission statement.

Make a sign to place in the rear window of your car with SCRAG printed in bold letters.

Get materials and make a yard sign for your lawn with SCRAG printed in bold letters.

Write letters to the editor of the St. Marys and Jacksonville newspaper.

And last but not least VOTE.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Who is SCRAG?

Many have asked: who is SCRAG? SCRAG is a movement, not a person or a dictionary definition. If you believe in the principles, you belong to SCRAG. SCRAG doesn't need a leader to be a valid coalition. It didn't take a leader for t shirts to be printed, distributed, and worn to the August 9th city council meeting. It just happened.  CRAG is citizens united for a common goal: changing the some of the current elected officials and employees in St. Marys City Government.  What is more important than the mission? Express yourself here if you believe in the mission. If not, start your own blog.   

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