We believe:

The current administration in charge of St. Marys is guilty of acting without the best interest of the majority of its citizens.


There should be a referendum calling for:

Changing the St. Marys voting method from plurality to majority,

A new election for the position of Mayor as well City Council Posts 2, 3, 4, and 5,

The immediate resignation of City Manager Bill Shanahan,

The immediate sale of the recently purchased Gilman property,

and abandonment of all plans to move the St. Marys Airport.


What you can do:

Attend every St. Marys City Council Meeting and request to make comments.

When you address the council, repeat the “We Believe” mission statement.

Make a sign to place in the rear window of your car with SCRAG printed in bold letters.

Get materials and make a yard sign for your lawn with SCRAG printed in bold letters.

Write letters to the editor of the St. Marys and Jacksonville newspaper.

And last but not least VOTE.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preview of Coming Attractions

The K9 demonstration won't be the only dog and pony show at 
Monday night's city council meeting. Payback is the name of the 
game as Post tries to rattle the CVB with a review of their contract. 
It's the airport authority, part deux.  Don't expect the council to give 
Brink another appeal. They will probably try to buy her off. They 
already blinked, but don't want to appear more foolish than they 
already do, so they will do nothing. The next step for her is a 
massive lawsuit; that will cost the city big time. Should be a packed
house with the Buzzards, Ameners, SCRAG supporters out 
numbering the STMPD. Surprised Fuhrer Shanahan hasn't ordered 
Hatch to bring one of his Navy surplus all terrain vehicles down to 
city haul to scare the local citizenry into minding their manners.


  1. I was randomly surfing and came upon the SCRAG site this morning just to see what new information may be out there. I was appalled to see a WWII German helmet emblemized with what I guess is a "SS" logo. I find this reference totally out of place and uncalled for.

    In St. Marys, we need citizen involvement in our government process. We need folks with a desire to effect change in our City. We do need folks to stand up, ask questions, and demand answers & accountability from our elected officials as well as City government and our various boards & authorities.

    What we don't need is meaningless hyperbole and vitriol that serves no purpose other than to foster discontent.

  2. Thank you. The helmet was tongue in cheek about the gestapo type tactics of the SMCC. Not everyone "got" it.