We believe:

The current administration in charge of St. Marys is guilty of acting without the best interest of the majority of its citizens.


There should be a referendum calling for:

Changing the St. Marys voting method from plurality to majority,

A new election for the position of Mayor as well City Council Posts 2, 3, 4, and 5,

The immediate resignation of City Manager Bill Shanahan,

The immediate sale of the recently purchased Gilman property,

and abandonment of all plans to move the St. Marys Airport.


What you can do:

Attend every St. Marys City Council Meeting and request to make comments.

When you address the council, repeat the “We Believe” mission statement.

Make a sign to place in the rear window of your car with SCRAG printed in bold letters.

Get materials and make a yard sign for your lawn with SCRAG printed in bold letters.

Write letters to the editor of the St. Marys and Jacksonville newspaper.

And last but not least VOTE.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gilman Boathouse Rules of Use

The following Rules have just been proposed in secret and will be effect when voted on by the Council in executive session.

(I) For now only The Mayor, Council Members, The DDA Executive Director, and The City Manager will have keys to the property. Current use of the party house and boat slips will be reserved for the aforesaid original members, their families and friends. They will be known as the original members.(this does not include Bird and Howell).

(II) Use of the property will be expanded immediately to include designated real estate brokers and developers.

(III) Once the $8,759,989.99 needed to complete the project
has been spent, consideration will be given to expanding the "private" membership base.

(IV) There will always be two levels of use, private and public.

(V) Once the envisioned Boathouse Convention Center is completed, consideration will be given to opening designated areas to the general public.

(VI) If the boathouse is a rockin', don't come a knockin'

Gilman party house Boathouse Rules Committee

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